Anderson Tuftex Maker's

Aderson Tuftex Carpets and Rugs

The Maker’s personal touch always leaves its mark.

When we create, every act brings about a beautiful shift. Raw materials become a finished work of art. Over time, our living spaces transform, too. They become places of comfort, respite, work, play and a way to express our truest selves.

That sense of individuality is evident in the dynamic variations of hand-hewn hardwoods, thoughtfully selected fibers, bespoke designs and precise workmanship of Anderson Tuftex flooring. As Makers, our designers explored the many nuances åof craft — nature’s alluring asymmetries, the artisan’s expert touch, the finest details and the most dramatic changes — to enlighten the timeless art of making a house a home.

We design with intention. We craft with care. In our own ways, and together, we are all makers.

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